The Serenity Of Stoicism

Oct 31, 201648 minutes

Stoicism is a philosophy for your mind that helps you deal with suffering and misfortune. In this podcast, I review stoicism's strongest points as presented by three powerful thinkers (Epictetus, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius) by using direct quotes from their most important works. I also share how I've used stoicism to reduce pain in my own life and how you can do the same through an effectively four-point strategy.

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An Introduction To Stoicism With The Enchiridion By Epictetus:\_medium=podcast&utm\_campaign=kingmaker+podcast&utm\_source=podcast+04

The Principal Tenets Of Stoicism By Seneca:\_medium=podcast&utm\_campaign=kingmaker+podcast&utm\_source=podcast+04

Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations Is The Best Manual We Have On How To Live:\_medium=podcast&utm\_campaign=kingmaker+podcast&utm\_source=podcast+04

The Novelty Wheel:\_medium=podcast&utm\_campaign=kingmaker+podcast&utm\_source=podcast+04

Junk Food Sex:\_medium=podcast&utm\_campaign=kingmaker+podcast&utm\_source=podcast+04

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