What Travel Can And Can't Give A Man

Oct 17, 201659 minutes

This podcast discusses the role of modern travel on the development of men. After reviewing how travel is most commonly used, I share the specific benefits travel can offer along with the mistaken ideas of what naive people think travel can accomplish. I discuss seven of my favorite travel rules for men and also take an aside to discuss the growing phenomenon of finding a foreign wife, which is harder than many men think. I close out the podcast by prescribing a strategy of using travel to maximum your strength and potential.

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10 Reasons Why Heterosexual Men Should Leave America: http://www.rooshv.com/10-reasons-why-heterosexual-men-should-leave-america?utm\_medium=podcast&utm\_campaign=kingmaker+podcast&utm\_source=podcast+03

25 Game Lessons From 25 Flags: http://www.rooshv.com/25-lessons-from-25-flags?utm\_medium=podcast&utm\_campaign=kingmaker+podcast&utm\_source=podcast+03

Anabasis by Xenophon describes perhaps the hardest journey man has ever taken: http://amzn.to/2eeEYP0

My travel origin story is "A Dead Bat In Paraguay": http://www.bangguides.com/other/a-dead-bat-in-paraguay/?utm\_medium=podcast&utm\_campaign=kingmaker+podcast&utm\_source=podcast+03

Robert Green's Mastery: http://www.returnofkings.com/8854/robert-greenes-mastery?utm\_medium=podcast&utm\_campaign=kingmaker+podcast&utm\_source=podcast+03

Ancient Egyptian travel: http://www.reshafim.org.il/ad/egypt/timelines/topics/means\_of\_transportation.htm

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